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Croissant 4

Pain au Chocolat  5

Almond Croissant 5

Almond Financier with Crème Fraîche 6

Pecan Sticky Bun 6


Grilled Toast, Vermont Butter and House Jams 12

Yogurt, Fruit and Granola 14

Avocado Toast 13

Oeufs au Plat with Frites and Bacon or Sausage  19

Panettone French Toast with Zabaglione and Apples  18

Oeufs en Meurette with Red Wine, Porcini and Lardons  24

Boudin Noir with Fried Egg and Herbs  22

Omelette au Fromage with Lettuces  22

Eggs Royale with Smoked Salmon and Sauce Hollandaise  28


Italian Tomatoes 7

Breakfast Sausage  7

Smoked Salmon  14

Bacon  9

English Muffin 4

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