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Club du Vin
A seasonal feast of off-menu dishes prepared by Le Crocodile chef partners Jake Leiber and Aidan O'Neal with wines curated by our own Gabriella Borg Costanzi


Sample Menu: Fall 2023 | Jura Region

Tarte au Fromage Avec Laittues Ameres 

Cheese Tarte with Bitter Lettuces 


Langue de Boeuf dans un Bouillon de Liveche 

Beef Tongue in a Lovage Broth 


Poulet “Danse Sur la Neige” à la Sauce au Vin Jaune et aux Morilles 

“Snowdance” Chicken with Vin Jaune Sauce & Morels 


Gratin de Chou

Cabbage Gratin 


Carottes aux Raisins Secs

Carrots with Currants 


Pudding de Riz Au Saffran 

Saffron Rice Pudding 


Tourte à la Poire

Pear Torte

12_PC_Justin Aharoni.jpg

Photo Credit: Justin Aharoni

Jura: Fall 2023 Featured Wine Region

East of Burgundy and bordering Switzerland, the Jura is characterized by steep and twisted hillsides, valleys and mountains. This region is home to local wine varietals such as the Savagnin, Poulsard and Trousseau, which have garnered the attention of sommeliers and wine lovers alike. The wines are unique, savory and elegant, and we can’t wait for you to taste alongside our fall feast. See you in the Cellar.

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About the Space

An extension of Williamsburg’s three-star French Brasserie, Le Crocodile, the Cellar is a captivating private dining room nestled beneath Wythe Hotel’s
ground-floor restaurant. 


The decor is simple and elegant, preserving the historical architecture of our 120-year-old factory building. Original brick walls are thoughtfully adorned with handcrafted oak paneling which houses a rotating selection of featured wines. 


The Cellar offers nightly seatings for parties of seven or more, and availability for private events with advanced bookings of up to 40 guests.


Chef Partners Aidan O’Neal and Jake Leiber

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